Welcome to the Dolly Pearl family! Below is a list of key selling points and brand information that will aid your sales team in acquiring sales for your boutique.


Dolly Pearl is still considered new to the market. We have been in the bridal and formal wear industry for over 3 years, and offer fresh, modern, and fashion forward dresses for women who are looking for something less traditional for their special occasion. Our dresses can be described as very “runway” without the runway pricepoints, which makes Dolly Pearl more accessible to the everyday woman. Below are key points to remember:


All of our dresses are proudly made in the USA. This is important to remember when selling, because the price points are slightly higher than the average bridesmaid dress in the industry. You are paying for quality and attention to detail, as opposed to high mass production factories overseas (i.e., China). For some clients,this information actually will help in closing the sale.

100% SILK

All Dolly Pearl dresses are 100% silk, fully lined in silk habotai (a type of lightweight silk lining). The majority of our dresses are made in a lightweight silk crepe (a matte and fluid silk), which drapes beautifully against the body. We offer a few styles in silk charmeuse (a heavier and more shiny silk). Being that silk crepe is a lightweight fabric, we recommend flesh colored undergarments for all of our dresses, though our lighter colored fabrics now come in a heavier habotai lining.

Silk is a natural fabric, meaning it is not made of synethetic fibers. It is important to remember this, because with silk, there are natural variations in the fabric. Synthetic fibers like Polyester will be completely consistent all around. When silk is dyed, it may not have complete consistency, which is also how a client can tell that it is 100% silk.

Silk is a luxury fabric. It has a higher price point than synethetic fabric. It is breathable, comfortable, and natural. Our silk fabrics are purchased from fabric mills located in the USA, and dyed in the USA.


Dolly Pearl dresses all come with special details that are carefully hand sewn on. No two dresses are exactly alike, and vary slightly from dress to dress. This is another point to bring up when potential clients are asking about the higher price point.


Dolly Pearl dresses are known for their “easy” and “flowy” fit. This means that the dresses do not have a tailored fit.

Instead, they slip on and off with little or no closure. This kind of fit gives room in the hips and waist without sacrificing style. Our dresses come with complementing belt options if clients are looking for a more tailored fit. These belt options “cinch in” the waist for an even more feminine look. Our silhouttes are A-line, shift style, and half-circle (flowy).


When a client is interested in a Dolly Pearl dress, it is important to remember the following key words that will enhance the buying experience and potentially close the sale. Dolly Pearl dresses are:











Depending on the style of the dress, it is important to know what kind of undergarments to recommend to potential clients.

With our asymmetrical (one-shouldered) styles, we recommend a simple strapless bra.

With our halter (low V-back) styles, we recommend a Nu-Bra or a Nu-bra alternative. The Nu-bra is an adhesive bra that is backless and strapless. There are gel as well as fabric versions, and all size ranges are offered.

With our shift style dresses or swing style dresses, simply a standard bra is needed.


All Dolly Pearl dresses are 100% silk, and are DRY CLEAN ONLY. Clients may choose to steam their dresses to release the wrinkles, or use an iron on MEDIUM heat (nothing higher).


Many Dolly Pearl dresses come with highly detailed accents that should be taken into account when traveling or storing.

Clients should leave hanging room in their closets, or travel with the dresses lightly placed into a box (not crushed in a suitcase), to prevent severely altering these details. This is the best way to preserve the dresses so that they are presentable on their special day, and wearable for years to come.


Because of the “easy” and “flowy” fit, most Dolly Pearl dresses require minimal alterations, with the exception of shortening the hem and/or taking in the sides.

**Please note that our halter or low back style dresses have a different alteration. There is a single seam in the back of these dresses. To tighten, simply have the tailor stitch upwards. To loosen, simply have the tailor undo the seam downwards. Low back dresses include styles like the ‘Melinda’, the ‘New Romans’, the ‘Anastasia’, the ‘Jacqueline’, and other like styles.