Production turnaround times may range between 12-16 weeks , with 14-16 weeks being the estimated time frame for larger orders of more than 5 dresses. Single or smaller orders have an estimated time from of around 12-14 weeks.

We recommend that clients order with at least a month cushion time between the ship date and the date of the event, so that there is plenty of time for alterations and minor adjustments if necessary.

The estimated shipping  date is not  an exact date of which the product will ship. It is an estimated date, and the orders may ship before or after that date, with a maximum of up to two weeks after the estimated ship date, unless specified or  unless it is a RUSH order. The estimated ship date does not include the time it takes to get to your place of business. The estimated ship date is the date that the order will be estimated to ship out.


Once your client has decided and finalized the order (order has been paid, contracts have been signed), you are able to get a rough idea of when the order will be estimated to ship by counting the exact week from the order date. For example if your client has purchased her single dress on the 1s t  of January, you will count 12 weeks from the 1s t  of January.The estimated ship date can only be confirmed once an order has been placed with us (the day  we have received the purchase order). The estimated ship date may or may not change depending on when we actually receive the email with the purchase order.


Clients have the opportunity to purchase their order with a rush to get it in time for their special day. We offer 2, 3, 5, 8, and 10 week rushes. Rush rates for occasional dresses and bridal dresses differ. The rush rates are:


Bridal 2 weeks: $175.00

Bridal 3 weeks: $135.00

Bridal 5 weeks: $100.00

Bridal 8 weeks: $75.00

Bridal 10 weeks: $65.00


Occasions 2 weeks: $145.00

Occasions 3 weeks: $100.00

Occasions 5 weeks: $75.00

Occasions 8 weeks: $50.00

Occasions 10 weeks: $40.00

Rush rates are guaranteed to ship on or before the estimated ship date, however if it is estimated to ship on a weekend date, it will ship the following business day .


Dolly Pearl ships Fedex or USPS only. If we have your account on file, we will ship via your Fedex account.