All Dolly Pearl dresses are 100% silk crepe (a matte silk with a slight sheen), lined in silk habotai (a lightweight silk lining material). Our silk is manufactured here in the USA. A few styles and options are available in silk charmeuse (a shinier surface silk). Important information to know about silk is that it is a natural fabric. That being said, silks may have an inconsistency in the surface of the fabric, that when dyed, may cause some visual inconsistences in the fabric. This is no cause for concern, but should be explained to the customer in the event of questions about the product. With synthetic fibers (such as polyester), you will get a consistency all around simply because it is synthetic. The nature of silk is delicate and natural, and therefore will not be absolutely perfect. This fact is especially apparent in silk crepe, though we love silk crepe because it is fluid, drapes well, and looks incredible on the body.

When DRY CLEANING and caring for these dresses, all cleaners should be aware that silk crepe is a delicate fabric and be treated as such. 


 All Dolly Pearl dresses are lined in silk habotai, which is a natural lightweight high quality silk lining. Our silk lining is manufactured here in the USA. For most*  of the lighter colors in your swatch book we offer a heavy  habotai lining, which is a heavier lightweight silk lining. Please note that all the colors in the swatch book starting with a ‘C’ do not offer heavy habotai lining (though we may  be able to find a similar alternative). All of the colors starting in ‘E’ offer a heavy habotai lining. For specific questions on heavy habotai lining per color please call or email us info@dollypearl. (*For more information on colors that offer complimentary heavy habotai lining, please contact us via phone or e-mail)


 All Dolly Pearl dresses with sheer woven/stiff details are made of silk organza, a translucent silk. For dresses with softer translucent silk, the details would be made of silk chiffon.


 We use sateen & grosgrain ribbon options for our dresses. Our ribbon options are mostly**  manufactured in Japan. Please note that the ribbon is sourced from a separate manufacturer from that of our fabric. Ribbon used as straps or belts on the dresses will never be a precise match to the fabric selected, but we do our best to choose the closest matching option for our fabric/colors. Ribbon chosen for fabric/colors will complement the fabric color but will never be a precise match. This should always be communicated with clients before ordering. (** Unless sourced locally if necessary)


Additional trim & fabric are not offered at wholesale pricing.


HOOK & EYE BELTS ( 1.5” X WAIST SIZE; double layered and stitched together with hook & eye closure): $30.00

DOUBLE LAYERED GROSGRAIN HOOK & EYE BELT (1.5” X WAIST SIZE; double layered and stitched together with hook & eye

closure): $40.00

SATEEN SASH (5/8” X 72”L; single faced sateen sash) : $15.00

SATEEN SASH (1.5” X 72” L; single faced sateen sash) : $20.00

SILK ORGANZA SASH ( 2” X 88”L; matches actual fabric from swatchbook): $38.00


We currently do not encourage additional fabric to be offered as an option to clients, however we do make some exceptions in

special cases. Pricing for silk fluctuates, so please inquire with us.


We offer additional length to all of our dress options (these prices are not offered at wholesale):

Clients may add up to 4” to any the cocktail length dresses for an additional $45.00.

Our “Extra Length” on our full length dresses have varying prices (pricing is dependent on the time & labor):

Any full length shift, swing, or asymmetrical gown (extra length on full length dresses is an additional 7”, no more, no less): $85.00

Any halter, double strap back (3 paneled low back gown): $115.00.